What's an Android TV box? What is it used for?


What is an Android TV Box? Definition

Simply put, an Android Box has the functionality of a Smart TV but better and cheaper. With an Android TV Box, you can use a regular TV to stream.

They have become very popular and give access not only to online videos, but also to all Android applications on the Google Play store including video games. It's a cheap device with multiple uses, which makes it very useful.

An Android TV Box, a multimedia gateway

Like all TV boxes, the Android ones are a multimedia gateway. This means that it is the intermediary between streaming content and your TV set.

When the box is installed, and to have all the multimedia data such as movies, documentaries, clips, series and photos, you have to choose what is called a media server.

It is a client-server software, most of the time paying, but not expensive. Each media server offers different services with streaming streams such as Netflix.

The difference between an Android box and a Smart TV is that a Smart TV is a TV with a streaming box already built in. As a result, it is expensive, unlike the prices of a standard TV set and an Android TV box.

An Android Box for Gaming

The box can also be used as a video game console, which is its other advantage over the Smart TV. By using this device, you have access, as mentioned above, to all the Android applications on the Store.

At the same time, you can play video games and with controllers of course. A great deal for gamers, because you're entitled to a well stocked library of all kinds of games. The Android box will replace your console. Moreover, it is possible to connect the box to receiver screens other than the TV.

How to use an Android Box

Like all new technology devices, an Android box, in order for it to work, requires the step of plugging it in. To do this, you need to:

A TV set with one or more HDMI ports. For older screens, there are adapters on the market. And if all your HDMI jacks are already connected, there are also multi-sockets.
An Android TV box that you can buy in electronics stores and online shops.
Cables for connection to the TV and to the power source. They are included with the box when you buy one.

To have more quality on the image, sound and use of the box and the TV, you can also add these few configurations:

A high speed internet connection for a smoother viewing of your streaming videos.
A high-capacity storage medium to record your multimedia. You can choose between an SD card that you can insert directly into the box or an external hard drive that you can connect to the box with a USB 3.0 cable. When purchasing the box, make sure that it has a USB 3.0 port, as this is necessary for high definition videos, such as 4K.
An HDMI power strip, also known as an HDMI switch if you have several devices to connect to the TV: box, Blu-Ray player, game console, etc.
A multimedia keyboard for computer hardware enthusiasts and keyboard gamers.

The 3 Best Android Boxes at the moment


The Nvidia TV Shield ( Made for Gaming)
Known as the most powerful gaming box on the market, the Nvidia TV Shield offers several features that appeal to all types of users:
Access to a large number of VOD platforms, music and games.
Pairing the box with other devices via Bluetooth such as headsets, smartphones and tablets, controllers, etc.
Compatibility with multiple video, audio and photo formats
These are just a few of the benefits if you use the Shield TV. It is especially recommended, because the library of video, games, and music service and very well provided. In addition, it plays 4K HDR videos without any problem.

The T95 Max Plus

The T95 Max+ model of the big Chinese brand, is compatible with 4K videos. This is a great advantage for a box. It is equipped with an HDMI port, an AV (audio/video) port and a USB 2.0 port.
The Android version used is 9.0, which is excellent for such a box. By default, it uses the Kodi client-server software, which offers complete multimedia services. With the T95 Max Plus , you can also play video games, Live TV , Movies ,TV Shows as well as sports.



The A95X
Last but not least is the A95X box. If you need to play huge video streams, this box is the best. With DDR4 RAM and an Octo core processor the videos stay very smooth and don't lose their quality.
On the connectivity side, it offers 1 HDMI port, 4 USB, 1 micro SD player, 1 optical audio output, Bluetooth and WiFi. It works with Android 9 and supports several types of media: video (3D, 4K...), audio (MP3, WMA...), photo (GIF, JPG, PNG...). It comes with an infrared remote control.


Where to buy the Nvidia Shield TV box?

The Nvidia Shield TV is available on various online sales sites. You can find it notably on Amazon at the best price.
The Nvidia shield TV Box - Hardware Reviews


The Nvidia Shield TV box is the renovated version of the one released in 2015. It has the same design, but is smaller in size, making it more attractive and easier to handle.
On the other hand, it's much longer and has a more spread out geometrical shape. The Nvidia Shield TV can be placed vertically or horizontally. It is also equipped with ballast on the inside, which makes it quite heavy and prevents it from falling out so easily.
On the technical side, it is equipped with 2 USB 3.0 ports that allow it to be connected to a computer, hard disk or USB keys. It also has an HDMI 2.0 output compatible with 4K HDR as well as an ARC port that replaces an optical port.
Unfortunately, you must have a suitable home cinema to connect it from this port. Otherwise, all the ports are located on the back, which is on the one hand favorable for the aesthetics, but a little less convenient for the installation.


As far as the memory of this TV box is concerned, it has an internal storage space of 16 GB. This is more than enough to store all your applications.
Otherwise, those who don't want to store on a computer, but still need quite a lot of memory can use a Nvidia Shield pro version. This one offers a memory of 500 GB.
Please note that with the Nvidia Shield TV, there is no possibility to boost the memory with a Micro-SD card. This is explained by the fact that this slot has rarely been used by users of the 2015 version. This is quite understandable.


The high-performance Nvidia Shield TV allows you to connect in two different ways. It is possible to connect by wire using the RJ45 cable which is already supplied. In this way, you will be entitled to a 1Gbits flow.
If you have an internet box next door, you can of course use it. The second option is the connection from a Wi-Fi AC. This one runs at 867 Mbits, a very efficient speed compared to other competing TV boxes.
Downloads are very fast and no slowdown is noticed. For your games, you will be able to use a Bluetooth 4.1 module that allows you to connect a joystick or a controller. The connection is as efficient as ever, even when you are up to 15 m away.

Nvidia Shield TV - Software Test

This box is an Android TV 7.0 version. So there is nothing better in terms of usage. Everything is just as easy to find and the different applications can be arranged according to your own convenience. Otherwise, the fluidity is impeccable and no blocking or latency is felt during use.


The TV Box Nvidia Shield comes in a pretty white box with all the necessary accessories, including the remote control and gamepad. As far as the remote control is concerned, it reflects the superior range of this TV Box. It is powered by two CR2032 batteries which will keep it active for 6 months or more.
It is also equipped with a microphone that makes it possible to use Skype, Google Assistant and mainly voice navigation. Moreover, this remote control has a touch-sensitive zone that allows you to control the volume.
It is a very modern remote control that is pleasant to use. As for the controller, it is very complete and has an attractive design. It has a microphone and a headphone output. And of course it is rechargeable.

Nvidia Shield TV & Performance



Nvidia Shield TV is a very responsive box that offers high performance compared to all Android TV boxes. The video game parts have a great fluidity and are very fast. Moreover, no bugs are noticed during use. And despite the power of the device, this Android TV box consumes little energy.


Nvidia Shield has the latest version of Kodi, the one adapted to Android TV 7.0. It has a functional video player that you can use without any constraint. In addition, it has exotic formats. And if you want, you can download VLC or another player compatible with the device.
Unlike other devices of the same kind, this product cannot be used without an internet connection. Therefore, the box must always be connected to the internet even when watching a movie. In our opinion, this is its weak point. But this is, of course, compensated for by its great responsiveness.

Picture quality

As it is a product manufactured by a company specialized in image quality, the Nvidia Shield TV box has a very high definition image resolution. Its graphics performance even allows 4K video streams to be broadcast. 

Audio & Video

On the sound and video side, we have no problems to report. On the contrary, the sound volume of the device is very impressive. Associated with a beautiful video quality, the Nvidia Shield box is compatible with audio formats DTS-X, DTS, DTS HD MA, Dolby TrueHD as well as Dolby 
And thanks to its 24-bit track support for 192 kHZ, music is pleasantly audible. As mentioned before, Nvidia Shield is the ideal TV Box for 4K playback.
This is valid for streaming or from the content that is present on your computer or hard disk. No jerking or slowing down will bother you.


Nvidia Shield is mostly known for its video games. And indeed, we were not disappointed. There are 3 possible ways to play either via Android, GameStream or GeForce Now. The latter are grouped together in the Nvidia Games application. This allows you to navigate from one game to another as well as from one service to another.
Thanks to Android, you are free to access free games or to play paid games. In any case, all the types of games we tried work without any problem and are of better quality. Some games like Doom 3 or Half Lide are even paid games only available on Nvidia Shield.
In addition, Gamestream is a service that displays all the games that are installed on your PC. Thus, they will be broadcast directly on the TV screen. Which is quite pleasant. If you use a computer, however, it must have a Nvidia graphics card and install the appropriate software. This means that other functions such as streaming or recording of a game are possible.
And last but not least, GeForce Now is another rather original solution. It's the most interesting system for those who don't have a powerful computer. You'll get a catalog of games that will keep you busy in your spare time. And then, it is possible to make a monthly subscription to be able to play almost all the titles.
Technical specifications of the Nvidia Shield TV


The latest version of the ultra-advanced Nvidia tegra x1+ processor accelerates the performance of your Shield by up to 25% compared to the previous generation. Dolby Vision Amos Bring your home theater to life with the new Dolby Vision HDR standard and Dolby Amos sound rendering scaled with ia Scale your HD content up to 4K resolution with the phenomenal power of ia. Play back your videos in real time and 4K resolution with unprecedented sharpness and clarity. 4K HDR brings you the best of 4K HDR entertainment. Watch your favorite series in the highest quality. It's that simple.
Brand "nvidia shield tv"
General Core: CPU: GPU: Model: RAM: RAM Type: ROM: System: Type: Processor:
Interface Product Detail: HDMI Version: Network: 1000Mbps LAN, Wifi 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 Ghz, Bluetooth 4.0LAN: Ethernet:10/100M, RJ-45 standard


Although Nvidia Shield is very expensive and requires a permanent internet connection, we can say that it is the best gaming TV Box we have ever tried. Equipped with a powerful remote control and a very practical joystick, you just have to plug it in well to enjoy its performance. During our test, we felt no disappointment. The connection works wonderfully and in a very fast way.
As far as the videos are concerned, they are just impressive. Already, the picture quality is at the top, but 4K is also no problem. All the formats we used are well readable and the display is perfect.
Last but not least, the game of Nvidia Shield is very satisfying. All Android games are displayed at maximum definition. And in case you have a PC, you will be able to play in full screen. In addition, the game catalogs are very varied, so you can try different kinds of games!


Test & review of the Android T95 Max+ 8K 


The famous Android boxes have made a lot of noise among fans of streaming movies and online video games. The T95 brand is one of the best multimedia box designers in the world. This brand has recently released the new Android box model T95 Max+ 8K .
We invite you to read this article to discover the thousand and one facets of this product in order to deduce whether or not it is the best Android box on the market. For those in a hurry, we advise you to go through Freetvbox to make sure you get your hands on this version.


Where can I buy the T95 Max+ 4K?

The T95 Max+ is available at Freetvbox.


T95 Max+ 8K - Hardware


Nowadays, Asian manufacturers are racing to offer their customers quality products at a low price. T95 Max+ 8K is recognized worldwide for the quality of its devices. This box model has an original and compact design. 
We appreciate its small size as well as its curved aspect. Its color and thickness offer a good discretion when the device is placed in a small corner of the living room.
The unit has an HDMI 2.0 cable output for video output. Its 8K functionality is one of the qualities that allow us to judge it as a high-end device. There is also an audio output SPDIF jack, a USB 2.0 port that can be used to use an external hard drive as needed.
The first drawback we notice is the absence of an Ethernet plug which, however, is an indispensable criterion for judging the performance of its connectivity. Of course, this problem can always be solved by purchasing a USB Ethernet adapter.
The processor used is a four-core A53 cortex processor which is 2.0 Ghz. It has an ARM Mali-450 iGPU which is at 750 Mhz. As for the RAM, it is 2 GB while the storage memory is 8 GB.
This is enough to download and install the best applications on Google Play, even if you can only enjoy 5 GB.
If you really need more memory, you'll have to get another USB device. A second important drawback is the absence of the SD reader, which does not allow us to use a memory card to optimize the storage memory.


With 2 GB RAM and 8 GB storage memory, downloads are limited. You can't really enjoy good memory hungry games, and especially not downloading large files. In addition, the user is only allowed 5 GB of the 8 GB for the installation of favorite applications. It's a real shame.


The T95 Max+ does not have an Internet function other than through a Wifi network. As mentioned above, the device does not have an Ethernet socket. Therefore, connectivity is reduced compared to its competitors.

T95 Max+ 8K - Software OS

The T95 Max + runs on Android 9.0 . This is still one of its strong points, because this version, allows us to have an irreproachable fluidity on the navigation.
It's with great pleasure that we start to browse on Google, there is no slowness, and we feel free when we have to load a new window. There are no delays.
Even if the remote control isn't much (since it only has a validate button, another to go to the reception desk, another to redirect us to a previous window, a last one for voice recognition options, and a button to adjust the volume).


Once in front of the interface, we can see that the interface of this product meets the criteria that an android TV must have. It's easy to spot an application like the streaming video player, or the video game you want to launch. You can easily access Netflix, My Canal, OCS, YouTube and many others.

T95 Max+ 8K- Performance


Thanks to Android 9.0, we enjoy a good fluidity of navigation, there is no dead time or slowness. The response is instantaneous, the screen reacts at maximum speed to all commands.


The T95 Max+ 8K features the Kodi application for local playback of your favorite videos.

Image quality

Thanks to the 8K HDR functionality, this device offers you impeccable image quality. However, please make sure that this feature is enabled, as well as HDR. The images are displayed in high definition and this, whatever the format, knowing that the device supports several formats such as JPEG, TIFF...

Audio & Video

The 4K feature has no problems on YouTube, Netflix and Molotov, it encounters some bugs. If you have locally stored files, the video is in full HD while the audio quality is perfect, moreover, the device is compatible with DTS audio codecs even if you only have stereo decoding.


You can enjoy a good game, but without the help of the remote control. You can play several gamepads like Asphalt 8 or Real Racing and still enjoy the picture quality. However, the performance is reduced on the detail side. The interface is fluid, but it is better to play with compatible controllers.
Technical specifications of the T95 Max+ 4K
Brand T95 Max+
General Core: Octa Core CPU:Amlogic S912 GPU: Mali-450 External Storage Capacity: 16G Model: 
Product Detail TV Antenna: Yes Bluetooth: Bluetooth4.0 Camera: No Interface: AV, DC 5V, HDMI, RJ45, SPDIF, TF card, USB2.0 Language: Multi-language Other Functions: 3D Games, 3D Video, Airplay, DLNA, External Subtitle, Miracast, NTSC, PAL Power Supply: 5G Charger WiFi: Yes WIFI: 802.11 b/g/n/ac External Subtitle Support: Yes HDMI Function: CEC Power Consumption: 8W DVD Player: No HDMI Version: 2.0 RJ45 Speed Port: 10/100M/1000M RGMII
System Firmware Bit: 64Bit
Supported Media Audio format:APE,MP3 Decoder Format:1080P,H.263 Photo Format: GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF Video format:4K,RM,RM Support 5.1 Surround Sound Output: No
Size and weight Package size(L x W x H): 11.10 x 11.10 x 2.95 cm / 4.37 x 4.37 x 1.16 inches Package weight: 0.5250 kg Product size(L x W x H): 10.10 x 10.10 x 1.95 cm / 3.98 x 3.98 x 0.77 inches Product weight: 0.5500 kg


The T95 Max+ has an elegant and discreet design to blend in with the decor of your living room or bedroom. There is no micro SD port so you can't connect a hard drive or another key.
Luckily we have 4K functionality to enjoy good streaming and the Android system is the marshmallow version. The navigation is therefore very fluid especially when you play with adapted controllers.
So, so to speak that it's one of the best boxes on the market, considering its price, it's really worth it.

A95X Reviews and Tests


You want internet on your television? We've got just the thing for you. On the market, there are different models of Android TV box, and each one has its own specificities. To choose it, you have to consider different criteria: its power, its price, its features, etc.. In this test, we will discuss the A95X.


Where to buy the A95X Box?

The A95X is available at Free TV Box.


A95X - Hardware

The A95X has some pretty powerful features. It is equipped with an Amlogic S912 Octo core cortex A53 2. ghz 64bit processor and an ARM Mali-T820MP3 650 Mhz graphics processor. With its characteristics, this device presents an unavoidable fluidity. In terms of RAM, this equipment also has advantages, with characteristics far superior to those of the X96 Mini.


We can say that it is quite powerful. An ideal version for viewing huge video streams. It is also adequate if you have big resource needs.



This device is very coveted thanks to these different connectivity features. It is equipped with an HDMI 2.0 output and 4 USB 2.0 ports. It also has an S/PDIF optical audio output and features a MicroSDXC card reader. It is equipped with a Bluetooth 4.0 system and works with a Wifi 802.11. It comes with an infrared remote control.
A95X - Software
A95X, an Android 7.1 TV box: 
For this, we can say that it has almost the same features as your tablet or smartphone. You can install applications on it from the Play Store.
The A95X is a very aesthetic device. With a redesigned design, it is a very classy and luxurious camera. Very discreet, its black color allows it to adapt to the television environment.
But if you don't like its exterior, you'll love its fluid interface, with all the tabs found on Android devices. Your TV becomes a smart TV. Users can create shortcuts to easily access their favorite apps.

A95X - Performance

With the Android 7.1 operating system, this device offers smooth and bug-free navigation. You can easily switch apps, close one window and open another, all with a flick of your wrist, even if you're just touching the screen.


This device is adapted to the latest technology for video file players, Kodi. You will be able to watch your favorite movies in streaming without downloading.

Image quality

With A95X, you'll be able to view HD, Full HD, 8K,6K,4K x 2K files.

Audio & Video

The A95X supports HDR and Dolby Vision. You can play back MPEG-4 media files in full HD at 60 fps, H.264 in 4K2K with 60 fps, as well as H265 HEVC and VP9-10.


Gamers will be able to use it to play video games just like on a console. The memory of the device is quite high, so you can spoil yourself with the latest HD games.

Technical specifications of the A95X

A95X Brand
General Model: A95X
Type: TV Box
GPU: ARM Mali-T820MP3
System: Android 7.1
CPU: Amlogic S912
Core: 2.0GHz,Octa Core
RAM Type: DDR4
External storage capacity: 64G
5G WiFi Product Detail: Yes
Bluetooth: Bluetooth4.0
Power: Charger
Interface: DC 5V, HDMI, LAN, Micro SD Card Slot, SPDIF, USB2.0
Language: Multi-language
HDMI Version: 2.0
Other functions: DLNA, ISO Files, Miracast
System Firmware Bit: 32Bit
Supported Media Decoder Format: H.263, H.264, H.265, HD MPEG4
Video format: 3D, 4K, AVI, DAT, H.265, ISO, MKV, MP4, MPEG, MPEG-1, MPEG2, MPEG4, RM, WMV
Audio format: AAC, DTS, FLAC, MP3, OGG, RM, WMA
Photo Format: GIF, JPEG, JPG, PNG
Support 5.1 Surround Sound Output: Yes
Dimension and weight Product weight: 0.1930 kg
Packing weight: 0.5110 kg
Product Size (L x W x H): 9.60 x 9.60 x 1.60 cm
Packing size (L x W x H): 17.30 x 13.90 x 5.40 cm
Package Contents 1 x A95X TV Box, 1 x Remote Control, 1 x HDMI Cable, 1 x Charger, 1 x Instruction Manual
The A95X is a device with many advantages both on its hardware side and its Android look. With its very powerful processor, it can support heavy applications such as 3D games. It is also able to support all video codecs, especially 10-bit H.265.
This device is also appreciated because it is adapted to different supports such as external HDD and USB key. It is also compatible with HDR 10, a huge advantage if you have a recent TV with an HDMI 2.0a cable. The A95X runs on version 7.1. As far as connectivity is concerned, it has very wide Wifi bands.
The choice of the A95X depends on your needs. If you want to download a lot of applications in the social networking category or content from the internet, this device is not the right choice. On the other hand, for everything else and IPTV, it may be the best box on the market.



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