Q-Box Review

Q-Box is an amazing Tv Box. To start, the design of this box is just gorgeous it's glossy black with LED light with 3 different LED colour choices going around the box which gives it a futuristic look.

Under the hood is a new Amlogic S905 Quad core 64-bit Cortex A53 Up to 2.0GHz processor which supports UHD 4K@60fps HW decoding, multiple formats including H.265 10-bit, H.264, AVS+ and also FHD 1080p @60fps HW encoding, H.264. On the front is a IR receiver and an around the TV Box is a LED backlight. On one side is a SD card slot. On the rear panelare: 2x USB 2.0 ports, HDMI 2.0 port, RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet port, AV port and 5V DC jack. 2GB Ram 16GB Storage running the 5.1 operating system.

General performance of this box was excellent as it streamed everything we threw at it without any lag at all. Strong performance with plenty of useful features, lifts this box above previous models. The box runs and responds very fast.

We have been working with this box for about a month now, and can honestly say this just may be one of the best boxes ever tested. Very strong WIFI signal and range. As for the remote is good, but as always we recommend a wireless keyboard or wireless mouse with any tv box as it improves the speed dramatically. If you are looking for a excellent Android TV Box that gives you all you need for the best value, you can buy it with your eyes closed.

5 stars

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