Top 5 Add-ons For Movie & Shows on a Android TV Box




EXODUS is fairly new it replaces Genesis.You can virtually find anything

and everything having to do with Movies & Shows with this add-on.

You can search by Popularity, Featured, Most Viewed, Highly Rated, Genre

You will find movies up to 100 years old

with ease right up to the newest just released.

Exodus does not disappoint try it for yourself



UK TURKS is a favourite of mine it's setup differently than Exodus

but does all the same things. You can search for any Movie/Show/Sport/Live Tv.

 The best thing about this add-on, is when you select your Movie

there are no links too choose like Exodus it starts right away.

It chooses the link and best stream for you removing

all the guess work of which stream to select.



1 CHANNEL is another great add-on which I would have to say

has the biggest library of Movies and Shows.

This has it all, when you can't find what your looking for

with the other add-ons this is where your come.

You will more than likely find it here.1 Channel

requires you to select a link similar to Exodus when

watching a Movie or Show but it loads the links up

much much quicker. So give it a try.



Icefilms add-on is a great source for movies and TV shows

which has been around for a long time.

Thanks to Eldorado, Icefilms is one of the most

reliable streaming add-ons available today.



 PHOENIX is regarded as one of the most comprehensive list

of video content available. Through a team of developers,

Phoenix maintains a large and constantly updated list of content.

The app also has dedicated sections created by the developers

to appeal to certain audiences, such as female-orientated shows

will appear under the 'Her Place' section.

This is a great way to discover new content.



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