Thank you.  I just wanted to really thank you for all you help.  Your customer service has been amazing.

You tried to help me out with the box I own,  possibly losing a sale had the fix worked.

Your response times to my endless questions have been outstanding.

It is because of your patience and kindness in helping me out that I am now buying your product

and have mentioned your amazing customer service to many others.

People like you are rare find these days.  Thank you. 




This is my second android TV box . I purchased the first one about a year ago,

after my provider kept raising my monthly payments, so I had enough.

I was so impressed with the android TV box, that I immediately got another for my second TV in my bedroom .

I cannot tell you enough how happy I'am, It's one of the best purchases I've made in a while.

 Marlene from Montreal, Quebec


I purchased the 50 mile Antenna from you guys I live in the Toronto area.

Let me say that I'am so happy I did. Amazingly I received a total

of 36 channels all excellent quality.

I will be buying again for our other TV in the house.

Linda from Toronto, Ontario


 I am so addicted with this thing! It's so easy to set up and connects

right to the wifi! I can't believe how amazing the quality is!

We highly recommend this android tv box for everyone!

It's cheap and so great and worth it!

Jennifer from Burlington, Ontario


I purchased my android tv box almost 3 years ago from you guys and

I can honestly say it was an excellent purchase

and investment. Thanks Free tv box

Melissa from Oakville, Ontario


Overall, this android box exceeds all of my expectations

and I wish I could rate this more than 5 stars. It works as intended.

With these great features, hardware specs and the

price is reasonable. It is easy and convenient to use.

Sue from Burlington, Ontario 


 Amazing product. Bought the first one, got it home and hooked it up!

Instantly fell in love with how easy it was to use.

Bought a second unit for our other TV four days later.

We have had them for about three months now and they are a great product.

Brad from Barrie, Ontario


I must admit I was really impressed with MXQ PRO andf box.

 Great box, great service, fast shipping.

Brent from Toronto, Ontario


I purchased the MXIII because of it's speed

and playback capabilties very happy with this streaming box.

Tracy from Peterborough, Ontario


Bought the MXQ box works great, amazed with what  this little box can do

Very easy to operate and configure took 5 minutes

George from Calgary, Alberta


Very fast shipping, came to me in 3 days. Excellent device.

Scott from West Palm Beach, Florida


Just received my second MXQ from you guys just fantastic service and shipping.

 Jason from Buffalo, New York 


Great Product! Very simple to use even at my age, 70 years young.

Karen from Abbotsville, BC


Everything you need. This is the second MS8 I bought in the last 2 months,

the kids love it, I got one for the bedroom, easy to use

I set this one up my self with the self help youtube videos, :) a+++ for sure!!

Anne from Victoria, BC


Item arrived sooner than expected and there were no issues with packing or quality.

The box works as described and is an absolute joy to use.  

I haven't run into any issues at all. Very satisfied.

John from Edmonton, Alberta


 Completely mind blowing what you an do on this thing,

still figuring alot of it out. really cool fast and easy to use!!

Paul from Montreal, Que




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