Turn your HD or flat screen TV into a Smart TV instantly, when you purchase any Android TV Box .

You do not need a Smart TV to use these TV Boxes, just a HDMI port!


#1) YSE Android TV  Box 


Enjoy your TV with the new YSE TV Box with Android™ the YSE Smart Media Box. This TV box has a gorgeous aluminum shell with external Antenna for extra range.This model runs the very latest Android 9 operating system. The new S905L processor plays flawless 4K UHD VP9 hardware decoding and 4K UltraHD 10bit @ 60FPS with High Dynamic Range (HDR) support.

Pre-programmed and ready to go! Just plug it in and connect to your WiFi or Ethernet. This model is blazing fast with plenty of processing power for todays latest video formats with 4GB of memory and comes  with 64GB of internal storage. 



#2 A95X Android Tv Box with Amlogic S912 


It's now easier than ever to watch TV anywhere in seconds. If your looking for a solution to watch TV in any part of your house, such as a spare room or basement, then the A95X Android TV Box is for you. All you do is plug it into your TV and connect it to your WiFi, and enjoy TV, it's that easy.

You can watch anything you like at home, cottage , trailer, hotel, or even a friends house instantly, without no technical knowledge, no messy wires .

The A95X Android TV Box has stunning 4K picture quality, and has the powerful S912 Octo-Core and latest Cortex-A53 processor. 





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