Best Android TV Boxes for 2020

 Our team had the pleasure of testing out the latest and most current android tv boxes,

and have compiled a list of the Best Android TV Box 2019 so far. So if your looking for the best Android TV Boxes

to stream your favourite Movies and TV Shows, Sports or PPV Events

than you have come to the right place.

We spent days vigoursly testing out each unit, and we determined that these are the best for the job.


 1) YSE Android TV Box

Enjoy your TV with the new YSE TV Box with Android™ the YSE Smart Media Box. This highend TV box has a gorgeous aluminum shell with external Antenna for extra range.This model runs the very latest Android 9 operating system. The new S905L processor plays flawless 4K UHD VP9 hardware decoding and 4K UltraHD 10bit @ 60FPS with High Dynamic Range (HDR) .

Pre-programmed and ready to go! Just plug it in and connect to your WiFi or Ethernet. This model is blazing fast with plenty of processing power for todays latest video formats with 4GB of memory and comes with 64GB of internal storage.



2) A95X Android TV Box S912 


It's now easier than ever to watch TV anywhere in seconds. If your looking for a solution to watch TV in any part of your house, such as a spare room or basement, then the A95X Android TV Box is for you. All you do is plug it into your TV and connect it to your WiFi, and enjoy TV, it's that easy.You can watch anything you like at home, cottage , trailer, hotel, or even a friends house instantly, without no technical knowledge, no messy wires . The New A95X Android TV Box has stunning 4K picture quality, and has the powerful S912 Octo-Core and latest Cortex-A53 processor.  


 3) A95X RGB Light Android TV Box


The A95X F3 TV Box is that the first of its kind featuring the primary RGB lighting system seen in modern desktop PCs. it's running on the newest Amlogic S905X3 CPU and therefore the Mali G31 GPU, and it delivers 4K video playback, movies and television shows, and 3D gaming for the entire family.


4) T95 MAX PLUS Android TV Box 


T95 MAX Plus media player within the new high-performance Amlogic S905X3 Cortex A55 processor. The processor is optimized for devices working with high-performance media and IPTV applications. Cortex A55 cores provide higher performance than previous generations of Cortex A53, making the T95 MAX Plus media player easily deal with resource-demanding media applications and android games.

Paired with a strong processor, a high-performance Mali-G31 video accelerator is installed with support for many popular media file formats, 4K Ultra HD, Full HD 1080p video, 3D video, modern H.265 HEVC, VP9 compression formats, HDR technology and far more. The media player features a fast USB3.0 port for conveniently viewing high-quality media content from USB flash drives and external drives. T95 MAX Plus runs on Android 9.0, features a pre-installed Google Play marketplace for searching and installing applications.

Thanks to the installed modern 4 GB RAM and 64 GB internal eMMC memory, the Android media player has become faster, applications work faster, write, read and process information faster, less CPU consumes energy, less heat, additional features, etc.

The T95 MAX Plus media player connects to TVs within the HDMI or AV port. It are often connected both to new modern TVs and to old models. Access to the web via wireless WiFi (the media player features a built-in WiFi module 2.4 GHz + 5.0 GHz), otherwise you can connect an coaxial cable to a special LAN port on the media player. to attach wireless devices there's a Bluetooth module.


 5) TX6 Android TV Box


Tanix TX6 is one among the simplest if not the simplest , the foremost affordable and complete TV Box package. It boasts more powerful hardware than its peers and has an array of features and connectivity options. The UI is smooth and excellent for everyday use. With advanced features like 6K decoding, this TV Box will offer you the best value compared to other alternatives within the market. 


 6) Q-PLUS Android TV Box


 The latest Android 9.0 OS ? This TV box comes with the updated Android 9.0 OS , which is quicker and more efficient. The Android box has better software compatibility, games and applications, better interface and user experience.
4GB RAM 32GB ROM? This Android TV box offers an outsized amount of 4GB RAM 32GB ROM to quickly start your applications and games. you'll also add a further TF card to expand storage, which improves the reliability of your TV Box and prevents failures thanks to lack of memory.
H.265 Hardware decoding. The 4K 1080i / p resolution is 4 times quite full HD, witness scenes and characters come to life in vivid contrast, color, and clarityso you'll see every detail of the screen is glossy.
Easy to use?The device supports 2.4G WIFI. Just connect the facility supply, connect the DH line and WiFi or Ethernet, then you'll watch the video and download the favourite APPS. 





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