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Cable costs an average of $50 per month.
Your TV Box is a one time investment of only $159.95.
After 3 months you'll never pay to watch TV again!

  Our Streaming TV Box connects you to the internet, allows you to stream TV shows, browse websites, and access your favorite movies! 

STOP Paying For Cable 
Angry at the cable company for constantly raising their prices?! 

With Your Own TV Box You Can Surf the Web, Watch YouTube,
Play Games, Watch Unlimited Shows, Movies, PPV, and Sports for Free.

* No more ads when watch your favorite shows or movies!

  * Tired of recording episodes on your PVR? 

* Fed up with Netflix for it's limited movies? 

 * Do you want to watch content in your mother tongue?

* Here is your economical and more powerful alternative.

* With Android Quad Core Streaming TV Box. 

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Have access to the latest movies, TV shows, sports events,
foreign content all for free, with no ads, and purely on-demand.

Your TV watching habits will be dramatically changed.
Be in control... want to pause and continue later... you can do it!

Say Goodbye To Cable & Stream Into TV Canada



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Hello TV Box... Goodbye Cable Bills!

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